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APUS User System Browser Katoo CutCut

Chosen APUS by two billion users

An sci-tech innovative company driven by digital technology

After years of innovation and R&D, APUS has launched four core technical systems and eight technical platforms of our own. Up to date, APUS owns 90 authorized patents, including 60+ invention patents (including one patent authorized in the US) and 20+ appearance designs. Besides, APUS owns more than 200 software copyrights and over 280 registered trademarks. To cater to the needs for complete business scenarios, APUS has built the global “smart” technical base.

Global digital influence

APUS has covered more than 200 countries and regions in the world. As the Director Member of Digital The Belt and Road Research Center, APUS covered 56% users in 65 countries and regions along the Belt and Road. 200+ products had served more than two billion users worldwide.

Unicorn in the world’s digital sci-tech field

As the Asian unicorn representative, APUS has been selected as The Billion Dollar Startup Club by the Wall Street Journal. According to the 2021 Report on Unicorns in China, APUS has been placed in the list of Chinese Unicorn Companies for four years, because of our brilliant performance in digital economy, which has become the dual unicorn whose valuation grows in the quickest way.


Bloomberg Business Bloomberg Business

Barely a year after APUS debuted for Android smartphones, the Chinese company that developed the popular app organizer is hoping for user numbers resembling those of Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc.

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Today, more than 200 million people use Apus apps, which now include a mobile browser and a flashlight, along with the app that improves the performance of a user’s phone.

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APUS is a beautiful launcher that organizes your apps into various folders, such as Communication, News & Books, and Media, among other categories. It’s light and slick, and adds a bit of personality to your Android phone.

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Forbes Forbes

APUS Group, the startup, is -- you guessed it! -- in the mobile space, developing apps and features. Based in Beijing, APUS (or Swift Bird) has developed a bunch of applications that make it easier, faster and more convenient to use the Android operating system.

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TechCrunch TechCrunch

Few startups raise this much money within their first year of operations, and fewer still are located in China, but fast growth is what APUS is all about. Its flagship product an Android launcher raced to 30 million registered users in just three months.

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The Economic Times of India The Economic Times of India

The company has invested in iamwire and announced a long-term strategy partnership with InMobi. It plans to scout for more partnerships to increase its user base and market share in order to establish a larger footprint in India.

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