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APUS awarded 2016 Ernst & Young Fudan China's Most Promising Company

2016-10-21 APUS

Global professional services firm Ernst & Young, in collaboration with Fudan University’s School of Management, has named APUS as China’s Most Promising Company of 2016. The annual award - first given six years ago - identifies Chinese companies and future industry leaders that demonstrate a commitment to innovation, sustained high growth, and potential to continue to improve the economic development of China.

APUS Award - 2016 Ernst & Young

Winners are selected by a panel of professors and academics from the university via a competitive and in-depth analysis process. Since the awards began, more than 70 companies and future industry leaders have been recognised from all areas of the Chinese economy. According to the organisers, a high proportion of companies selected by the judges have gone on to successfully IPO.

For APUS, this award is testament to the work that everyone in the company is doing to deliver mobile internet tools and services to hundreds of millions of Android users across the world. 

APUS has received the award for its focus on developing markets and the tremendous growth the business has seen over the past two years. Since launching its 'A Perfect User System'  Android launcher in July 2014 it has been downloaded some 950 million times, with hundreds of millions of active users around the world. Within seven months of launching this first product, APUS became the fastest company ever to reach a USD$1 billion valuation.

2016 Ernst & Young - APUS

Since the start of 2016 APUS has focused on monetizing its huge users base led through partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon and others. 

By the end of January APUS’ revenues exceeded 10 million yuan ($1 million USD). By June 2016 monthly revenue had increased to nearly 100 million yuan ($15 million USD). Over the next three years, APUS expects to see an annual growth rate of 100%, reaching 2 billion yuan ($300 million USD) by 2018. 

Mr He Zhaofeng, Chairman of Fudan's Most Promising Company Program and Ernst & Young's Senior Growth Partner for Greater China, said: "We are delighted to announce APUS as the winners of this years award. That the previous contest winners have all been competitive, visionary companies with the potential to succeed on a global scale. The Chinese market has seen a massive increase in new businesses in recent years, and as the market becomes more saturated and competitive, companies are trying to innovate in different ways. Instead of creating unique products the focus has shifted to innovative business models. They are looking to utilise the relevant market data, to target the market needs, with the goal of creating new customers. This has been the focal point of Chinese domestic industries in recent years.”

APUS’ CEO and founder, Tao Li commented, “APUS strives to create ‘the world's best mobile platform and APUS ecosystem,’ with a new business model for developers and companies to explore. APUS will ensure to continue my vision to change the world through innovation, create value for our users, create value for society and continue to contribute to the expansion of their industry and the society as a whole.”