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Virus Cleaner

Detect and remove viruses and malware, protect your phone security. Aps Security is a professional security APP that removes all kinds of mobile phone viruses and malware, which protects the data privacy of your phone completely. APUS Security comprehensively scans apps and systems, deeply removes all kinds of adware, hacking software, and fraud software.

Junk Cleaner

Security Elite would analyze many apps. This security tool could clean residual files. Your music, chatting, pictures, documents and other files are much safer with us.

App Locker, Protect your privacy

Lock any sensitive apps to protect your privacy, take pictures automatically for peepers

Hidden Camera Detector

Detect hidden cameras fast to protect the safety of your family, stay away from any clandestine photo

WiFi Security Detector

Identify risky WIFI fast, make sure your browsing safety

Private Space

Lock your private pictures with the password, stay away from privacy leakage

WIFI Security

Aps Security regularly inspects the security of WiFi to avoid potential threats and protect your information and property.

Space Cleaner

APUS Security helps you quickly uninstall infrequently used apps, free up more space

Large File Cleaner

Quickly identify large files, help you efficiently save space

Video Compression

Lossless compression: the compressed video resolution remains unchanged and takes up less space