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APUS Group Launches New Lightweight APUS Browser

2015-06-09 AndroidHeadlines
APUS Launcher

Browser apps aren’t hard to come by on the Android operating system. Finding an extremely lightweight and minimalist browser however is a little more difficult. APUS Group aims to fix that with their newly launched browser called APUS Browser (formerly known as A5 Browser during its beta stage.) The first thing to notice is that APUS Browser features an elegant material design style UI with just the right amount of color. Once you get past the visual appeal, APUS Browser boasts a quick and efficient browsing experience thanks to its “featherweight” design. It also claims to be power efficient so users shouldn’t have to worry about it taking up too much RAM as it was designed to minimize the user’s mobile memory and data usage. The low RAM footprint helps to ensure a quicker browsing experience.

APUS Browser isn’t just light on what resources it uses, the browser itself is small, weighing at just 600kb for the download and installation. This small size means less time downloading for users and more time browsing and getting the information they need or want. APUS designed the browser to be efficient for all users too regardless of device type, so those with devices that carry less RAM and not as much processing power should find APUS to be an enjoyable browsing experience.

Being lightweight and using low amounts of resources are certainly great features of APUS, but just because it’s minimalist doesn’t mean it’s left without any other features to offer to users. The low broadband speed optimization means users can browse fast even while on slower network speeds, and for even faster load times users can enable ‘no image mode’ to have the browser load pages free of images and media. There’s also a multi-tab manager for when browsing multiple web pages at once, and a set of customizable shortcuts for the home page of APUS which users can fill up with their favorite sites to get quick access to them right when they open up the browser. If you’ve been using Chrome for a while and already have plenty of time invested into it with bookmarks, APUS Browser allows you to import your bookmarks from Chrome so you don’t lose anything. It also supports Google’s Voice Search functionality, and you can set your default search engine within the browser to any number of options including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and more. APUS also mentions that the browser is fit for users on smartphones or tablets all the way up to a 10-inch screen. If you’ve been looking for an alternative browser to try out, APUS is live in the Play Store now and it’s free.

Download APUS Browser on Google Play

Download APUS Launcher on Google Play