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APUS MWC2018: Eliminating the Digital Divide and Creating a Better Life

2018-02-26 APUS

APUS has provided the fastest and most convenient Internet access for 1 billion users worldwide; then, APUS will rely on big data and cloud service platforms to provide more services, allowing users around the world to enjoy more convenient and excellent new mobile internet life.

—APUS Founder and CEO Li Tao

From February 26th to March 1st, the "Mobile World Congress 2018" (MWC18) sponsored by the GSMA Association was held in Barcelona, Spain. APUS was invited to the congress again and showed the big data service platform and cloud service platform to users and partners around the world.

APUS hopes to build a new mobile internet ecosystem through its own products and technologies, so that users around the world can access the Internet more easily and quickly to enjoy the “digital dividend” brought by mobile internet.