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CCTV expands global reach with APUS deal

2017-05-15 CHINADAILY

CCTV-4, China Central Television's international channel for the global audience, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the internet giant APUS Group last week.

The agreement aims to promote CCTV-4's programs, shows and documentaries to a wider viewership that uses APUS-based mobile facilities across the world.

CCTV-4, launched in 1992, has broadcast its programming to nearly 70 million viewers in 105 countries and areas. Most of its audience: overseas Chinese or foreigners who are studying Mandarin.

Li Xinyan, director of the channel, says CCTV-4 is a window to show global viewers the culture, history and latest news of China.

"Nowadays, the world has seen a fast growth of interest in China. The cooperation will mean better ways to tell Chinese stories and spread China's voices overseas," Li said at the launching ceremony at CCTV's Beijing headquarters on May 12.

APUS, a Chinese producer of smartphone systems, has more than 1 billion users across the world, with 95 percent of them in foreign territories.

Li Tao, CEO of APUS, says the company will help its global users, who are expected to number 3 billion in the near future, to quickly reach the news reports and culture programs aired by CCTV-4.

The internet company will also use its big data resources to accurately promote content to those who are "calculated" to be interested, adds Li.