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APUS Discovery Localizes Your App Search

2016-02-17 APUS

Have you ever wanted to find apps that are useful in your local area, or wondered what people around you are using? Different from any other app recommendation application, the APUS Discovery app may very well change the way you look for apps by displaying apps that are used in your immediate area.

Here are two main reasons why you should use APUS Discovery:

Scan for apps relevant to your surroundings
APUS Discovery alerts you to apps that are commonly used in your area, giving you mobile internet context to your physical surroundings. Scanning for apps people are using around you can connects you with apps that give you access to local services, provide location-relevant information, and generally enhance your interaction with the world around you. You might be able to find an app that tells you exactly when the nearest bus will arrive, or an app that helps you get delivery from your favorite store or restaurant.

Scan for apps that suit your personal tastes
APUS Discovery uses big data analytics to give you targeted app recommendations based on your personal preferences. APUS Discovery scans for the nearest apps in use around you, and then choses the 80 apps most relevant to your user interests that you do not already have downloaded. For example, if you are a frequent user of gaming apps, gaming apps will appear more frequently on your APUS Discovery scan. Real time updating of data analytics when you open APUS Discovery will ensure that the right apps are recommended at the precise time you are looking for them.

While traditional methods of browsing apps by app store rankings or via social media provide more general recommendations, APUS Discovery gives you contextual and personalized results which can be a much more practical solution to finding new apps. With the increasing relevance of mobile internet in daily life, APUS Discovery opens up opportunities for you to engage with relevant and interesting apps, marking a change in the way mobile apps are searched for.

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