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APUS SAFETY CHECK, Let People Know You are Safe

2015-11-16 APUS

This is the darkest Friday. Only one night, the romantic Paris was overwhelmed by horror and catastrophe. On the evening of November 13, an appalling terrorist attack took place in Paris and astonished the world. It is the 911 of Europe, it is a disaster for Paris, yet it is suffering for the world.

Where is peace in presence of terrorism? What can we do besides praying? One by one, American Internet leaders launched their services to show the power of Internet in disaster. As APUS has 250 million users worldwide and 45 million of them are in Europe, we hope to offer a hand to the Europe users who are in suffering with our APUS SAFETY CHECK.

APUS SAFETY CHECK is in the prominent position on APUS User System home screen. Users can simply tap “I AM OK” in APUS Know to send out messages and comfort those who cares you. Meanwhile, if you need help, please tap “HELP NEEDED” to send help requests to Facebook and Twitter so nearby friends and users will be able to give you a hand.

APUS SAFETY CHECK, Let People Know You are Safe

The service of APUS SAFETY CHECK is provided in France, UK, Belgium and Italy. APUS hopes with this service, we can help you send out safety messages and help requests. In any case, APUS hopes you are fine.

APUS SAFETY CHECK, Let People Know You are Safe

And to help European users who are still in danger, APUS Headlines will broadcast the latest news and information of terrorist attack for users in France, UK, Belgium, Italy and so on and remind users in dangerous zones to be careful. In addition, APUS Headlines will provide APUS SAFETY CHECK service for users in countries mentioned above to send out messages and comfort for families and friends.

APUS SAFETY CHECK, Let People Know You are Safe

Terrorism can destroy the human civilization and the terrorist attack in Paris created a war between people and extremists, human and anti-human. We condemn terrorism and mourn those who suffer. At the same time, we should unite together and offer a hand to those who need help. Please do whatever you can to help those in danger and protect our home with love.

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