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APUS Group Exclusive Interview: The Way to Success for The Chinese Internet Indu...

2015-12-04 APUS

BEIJING, Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With the sweeping trend of the globalization of the Internet, especially mobile Internet, the Chinese Internet industry is playing a bigger role all over the world. How can Chinese Internet companies seize the opportunities in emerging markets and developed to the industry leaders of Global mobile Internet?

Just before the World Internet Conference, China Insight, a program on CCTV came to APUS Group and produced a documentary about the Chinese Internet industry operating in the overseas markets. As an honored guest, Tao Li, founder and CEO of APUS Group shared his knowledge and experiences of overseas market and revealed his secret for the Chinese Internet industry to continue to succeed overseas.

Discovering Users' Demands

As an experienced leader with extensive knowledge of the overseas market, Tao Li is truly the captain of APUS Group. Within 15 months, Tao Li and his team netted 250 million users globally with their APUS User System and 510 million with APUS Series products, which is based on Li's precise judgment of Users' Rigid Demands. According to Li, "I knew the problems users are having and how to solve them. In fact, the biggest problem is that all users were complaining Android can be slow and tricky to manage. Therefore, based on this rigid demand, APUS developed a series of features that can bring a better user experience. APUS Launcher will boost mobile performance, making Android phones faster and easy to use, cleaning RAM and speeding up their devices. After installation, users will notice the obvious changes that their phones become faster and of course users will stick with APUS Launcher. In the meantime, APUS Launcher is lightweight and can be conveniently downloaded. Therefore, the user retention increases and users will not give up APUS Launcher without doubt."

Follow Globalization

Before the foundation of APUS Group, Mr. Li was in charge of mobile and international business at Qihoo 360 and he is very familiar with the pattern and development of the global mobile Internet industry.

He also mentioned, the foundation of APUS is based on the research and determination on the development of global Internet. According to Li, there are three most important markets: US, China, and the emerging markets.

Besides the US and China, Mr. Li noticed the importance of the emerging markets including Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Middle East. He believes the development of the emerging market is 2 to 5 years behind the US and China, which means there is a great opportunity for further development. The competition of the Chinese mobile Internet industry is extremely fierce while the emerging market is still underdeveloped, which makes the emerging market invaluable and is the reason that APUS Group has extensively focused on overseas market.

Priority on new users

Mr. Li has worked in the Internet industry for 16 years and has witnessed the rising of BAT as well as other industry leaders. According to his experience, the secret for all of them is getting new users.

He believes companies shouldn't be innovative only in terms of tech-innovation. Rather, they should be innovative for our users. For each old user, the competitive cost is 10 to 20 times of that for new user. Within the past year, APUS has never tried to get users from thecompetitors or any others. Instead, APUS is continuously getting attention from new users.

At the same time, new users are normally more loyal than the old users. As long as users like the product, they will not change. Therefore, getting new users is the rapid and effective method for enterprises to improve.

How the Chinese Internet industry can rapidly enter international market

Mr. Li believes US is still leading in terms of tech and concept innovation and in the short term, one can challenge US in these areas. However, like its culture, the American business model is very competitive and American companies are not as willing to further the localization.

With the over-competitive environment, Chinese companies have a better sense of competition and are willing to change for the sake ofthe market and users. They will provide more localized and customized services and this is the reason that Chinese Internet companies have survived and developed in overseas markets.

China will become the biggest digital product and service base in 10 years

In 10 to 20 years, the development of sci-tech economy, represented by the Internet, will be based on the tech and concept innovations ofthe US while those of China as a subsidiary. Production and service provision as well as profound localization will be finished in China and sold to the whole world. Within this process, Europe's role in the traditional economy will be replaced by China. Mr. Li believes China will become the biggest digital product and service base in 10 years.

A new era has come and Chinese Internet start-ups are leading it. As a navigator, APUS Group hopes to join and develop with Chinese Internet enterprises and seize the historic opportunity. One day the Chinese Internet industry will become the center of the world and realize its value.

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Founded in June 2014 by APUS group CEO Li Tao, who has 16 years' experience in the Chinese Internet market. APUS Group's mission is to deliver the world's most intuitive user experience to Android smartphone users worldwide. As a top 10 developer on Google Play, APUS Group develops critical system apps that collectively embody the APUS User System, the world's fastest, smallest, most simple user system for Android users, including APUS Launcher, APUS Search, APUS Browser, APUS Headlines, APUS Discovery, APUS Know, and APUS Message Center. In September 2015, APUS User System gained its 250 millionth user, and APUS product series gained its 510 millionth user worldwide.

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