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United States District Court for the Northern District of California Rules that ...

2015-10-23 APUS

BEIJING, Oct. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that Cheetah's lawsuit against APUS cannot go forward because Cheetah's attempt at service of process "was defective." It has now been 5 months since Cheetah Mobile launched its lawsuit.

Earlier this year, on May 29, Cheetah Mobile launched its lawsuit against APUS in the U.S. Cheetah announced that APUS products were removed from Google Play as a result. Three days later, APUS released an official statement and denied that they received official legal notice about the lawsuit. In the meantime, APUS proved that APUS products were never removed from Google Play and APUS announced that it would collect evidence about rumors and slander that Cheetah propagated on the Internet.

On July 6, APUS announced the lawsuit against Cheetah Mobile in Beijing for unfair competition, asking Cheetah Mobile to cease any slander aimed at inducing users to uninstall APUS products and to act in a legally responsible manner.

Now, 5 months later, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has vindicated APUS's position and quash Cheetah's service and ruled that Cheetah's lawsuit cannot go forward until Cheetah follows the proper, legal procedures for service of process. To put the record straight, APUS makes the following statements for friends and users who have paid close attention to the case.

1. APUS has never meant to talk much about the lawsuit. APUS has always believed that justice would prevail. The Court's ruling has proved that no matter how deeply it might be concealed, the truth will always reveal itself.

2. As an innovative startup company, APUS' goal is always to provide the best user experience to users around the world. Despite the lawsuit launched by Cheetah Mobile, APUS still welcomed its 510 millionth user globally within 15 months. APUS's message is simple: focus on the products and users, instead of lawsuit. APUS hopes all industry colleagues will face the ever-changing market pattern with open minds, frankly accept the rise of innovation and the change of status. Let's join hands and change the world with innovation together!

About APUS
Founded in June 2014 by APUS group CEO Li Tao, who has 16 years' experience in the China Internet market, APUS Group's mission is to deliver the world's most intuitive user experience to Android smartphone users worldwide. A top 10 developer on Google Play, APUS Group develops critical system apps that collectively embody the APUS User System, the world's fastest, smallest, most simple user system for Android users, including APUS Launcher, APUS Search, APUS Browser, APUS Headlines, APUS Discovery, APUS Know, and APUS Message Center. In September 2015, APUS User System gained its 250 million user, and APUS product series gained its 510 million users worldwide. Learn more about APUS Group at Download APUS User System: