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Company Info Awards APUS Life CEO Notes


APUS refers to a smartphone user system, which essentially is a lightweight operation system. It connects mobile users around the world with internet.

Founded on June 2014, APUS Group released its first product, APUS Launcher, on 2 July 2014. And by 2017, there has been more than 1.2 billion installs for APUS System and APUS series products.These make APUS Group to be the high growth mobile internet company in the world.

Since its foundation, APUS has become strategic cooperation partners with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, InMobi as well as other mobile internet tycoons. In August 2015, APUS became an official member of the Billion Dollar Startup Club by Wall Street Journal, becoming the youngest unicorn company in history.

About APUS System

APUS System connects global mobile users with internet and provides all-in-one solutions for smartphone interaction management, application management and acquisition, information management and acquisition, and social management. Therefore to meet all-around needs for smartphone usage and internet access.

APUS System includes APUS Launcher, APUS Know, APUS Discovery, APUS Boost, APUS Search, APUS Headlines, APUS Message Center as well as other products and services.

What is APUS

1. Originally, Apus refers to a small constellation in southern sky. In the whole universe, nearly all constellations have their myths except Apus. Therefore APUS expects to create the myth on its own in internet industry.

2. Meanwhile, apus is a kind of swift birds who fly the fastest in the world. Likewise, APUS System can improve phone performance, making it as fast as swift and provides the most effective and easiest access to internet.

3. APUS is short for A Perfect User System. Based on traditional smartphone operation system, this technical-driven app has create a lightweight operation system and can greatly improve user experience.

APUS User Distribution

By 2017, APUS System and APUS series products has acquired more than 1 billion users globally in more than 200 countries. 20% users are from South Asia, 22% from Southeast Asia, 13% from South America, 12% from Europe & Russia, 15% from Middle East, 8% from North America, 7% from Africa, and 3% from other countries and regions.

APUS Ecosystem

APUS Group has built a traffic entrance platform through APUS System. And based on this platform, APUS will cooperate and invest in O2O business partners around the world in music, game, news, video, E-commerce, etc. to develop its content operation and business operation and provide users with contents, information and services. At the same time, APUS has dedicated itself to helping business partners to explore overseas market and building APUS Ecosystem.

Mission, Vision & Values of APUS

Mission & Vision of APUS

• Provide people with access to internet and technology at zero cost. Give them chance for education and change destiny.

• Provide a better life for more people around the world.

• Lead Chinese enterprises to overseas markets.

Values of APUS

• Change the world with innovations

• Create user value

• Realize social value