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Shaping mobile for the next three billion users

2017-03-16 MWC 2017

By 2022 there will be 6.1 billion mobile subscribers, led by huge growth in less mature markets. Not only will this reshape the mobile industry as we currently know it, but it will reshape how we work and socialise to fit with a mobile-first world. Those 6.1 billion smartphone users will make up some 70 percent of the world’s population - showing just how central mobile technology will become to all our lives.

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APUS, built for you. Built on Amazon Web Services

2017-02-21 APUS

As APUS continues to grow with new features and new products added to the APUS User System, there are many important decisions we have to make.

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APUS ‘Support Your Team’ campaign wins Bronze prize at the GMM

2016-10-24 APUS

At the start of 2016, APUS began its strategy to drive monetization so that we can keep on delivering high quality experiences to our hundreds of millions of users and fans. Our vision is to create a perfect user system; and as part of this journey, we continue to experiment with new services and technologies that will make APUS even better. 

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APUS awarded 2016 Ernst & Young Fudan China's Most Promising Company

2016-10-21 APUS

Global professional services firm Ernst & Young, in collaboration with Fudan University’s School of Management, has named APUS as China’s Most Promising Company of 2016. The annual award - first given six years ago - identifies Chinese companies and future industry leaders that demonstrate a commitment to innovation, sustained high growth, and potential to continue to improve the economic development of China.

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China’s fast-growth unicorn APUS reveals its revenue for the first time

2016-09-27 YourStory

The APUS Group, which was in the news last year for launching a $45-million investment fund for early-stage startups in India, recently revealed its revenue for the first time. The company, which is on its path to be China’s fastest growing unicorn,reached $15 million in revenue in June 2016. APUS is a leading Android app developer with over 920 million users worldwide.Starting its monetization strategy in January 2016 the company aims to surpass $70 million in its first year of revenue.

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APUS Global Report Findings 2015

2016-08-03 APUS

With a full year worth of data drawn from millions of mobile phone users around the world, APUS is sharing insights gained from when, where and how people use the APUS family of Android apps, and what this tells us about trends in device ownership and app usage.

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Review: APUS Launcher – Does it Make Android Easier to Use?

2016-07-12 AndroidNigeria

One of the things that we love about Android is how much you can customize it. It means that no two devices are every really the same, with so many makes and models of handset available. But despite all this choice, many people still find Android’s user interface less than perfect – which is why there is a huge market for Android launchers and user systems, which re-skin standard Android phones and streamline many of the most common tasks, and can even improve performance and battery life.

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APUS pursues close cooperation with Indian tech partners

2016-03-09 APUS

APUS Group, a Chinese Android app developer, has laid out a Rs 300 crore plan to invest in Indian tech startups and that will create 500 jobs and solidify ties with the Indian startup community. In looking to build long-term connections with a number of Indian startups, APUS is also hoping to better connect with users in the world’s most important emerging mobile Internet market.

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APUS Discovery Localizes Your App Search

2016-02-17 APUS

Have you ever wanted to find apps that are useful in your local area, or wondered what people around you are using? Different from any other app recommendation application, the APUS Discovery app may very well change the way you look for apps by displaying apps that are used in your immediate area.

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CEO Tao Li on the APUS Global Mobile Internet Incubator

2016-02-17 APUS

APUS Group held an event to celebrate six months’ cooperation with foreign and domestic startups at its Beijing-based Global Mobile Internet Incubator. CEO Li Tao explained the future of the incubator in incorporating technology startup innovations into a greater APUS ecosystem.

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2015-12-23 APUS

When you are using your android smartphone, have you ever encountered a Christmas event? You shake your phone and you get a $10 Amazon Gift Card? Doesn’t that sound amazing? Isn’t that like free lunch?

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APUS Group launches India fund for early stage startups

2015-11-26 YOUR STORY

Chinese entrepreneur and Founder/ CEO Tao Li of the Apus group and the eponymous user system is in India with a band of five VCs from China (who have also invested in APUS), to get a feel for the market and early stage startups they could work with.

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APUS SAFETY CHECK, Let People Know You are Safe

2015-11-16 APUS

This is the darkest Friday. Only one night, the romantic Paris was overwhelmed by horror and catastrophe. On the evening of November 13, an appalling terrorist attack took place in Paris and astonished the world. It is the 911 of Europe, it is a disaster for Paris, yet it is suffering for the world.

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India and China Giants, InMobi and APUS, Partner for Global Growth

2015-09-16 APUS

APUS chooses InMobi as global monetization partner; InMobi to help APUS grow in India

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India's InMobi ties up with China's APUS to take on Google

2015-09-16 CNBC

Indian mobile advertising firm InMobi said on Wednesday it is partnering APUS, a Chinese start-up that customizes Android software, in an alliance that InMobi expects will help it reach 500 million new users in China and other countries by 2016.

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APUS Group Will Attend Global Mobile Internet Conference(GMIC) Bangalore 2015

2015-09-03 APUS

BEIJING, Sept. 3 – China’s APUS Group, a Beijing-based mobile phone user system company, announced that it will focus its efforts on tapping the Indian market, where the mobile Internet industry is growing at one of the fastest rates in the world.

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APUS Published Brazil's Mobile Application Analysis Report - Big Data Unravels User Behavior's Secret

2015-07-16 APUS

On July 16th, APUS published a report titled “World’s Mobile App Analysis Report - Brazil”. It explains us the tendency and behavior of Brazilians towards mobile application. For instance, since the cost of smartphones in Brazil isn’t too high, Samsung, LG and other mid-range phones are most welcome by the locals; the most used social media applications are WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook, and the types of games they often prefer are leisure, action and sports.

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Asian Tech Start-Ups Quietly Earn Backing

HONG KONG — The rise of a mobile software company from nothing to a $1 billion valuation in just over a year from its first product release would typically draw rapt attention, and jealousy, inside Silicon Valley.

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APUS Group Launches New Lightweight APUS Browser

2015-06-09 AndroidHeadlines

Browser apps aren’t hard to come by on the Android operating system. Finding an extremely lightweight and minimalist browser however is a little more difficult. APUS Group aims to fix that with their newly launched browser called APUS Browser (formerly known as A5 Browser during its beta stage.) The first thing to notice is that APUS Browser features an elegant material design style UI with just the right amount of color. Once you get past the visual appeal, APUS Browser boasts a quick and efficient browsing experience thanks to its “featherweight” design. It also claims to be power efficient so users shouldn’t have to worry about it taking up too much RAM as it was designed to minimize the user’s mobile memory and data usage. The low RAM footprint helps to ensure a quicker browsing experience.

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