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What is APUS System?

APUS System is the smallest & fastest user system, more than an Android Launcher Application, which helps to boost mobile phone, give you an interactive look with thousands of HD themes and wallpapers, and categorize your apps into smart folders. It also acts as a platform to discover popular apps around you through the APUS Discovery, show you the calendar, weather, headlines for your convenience, easily search apps, contacts, information in your phone or in the internet, etc.

What does APUS System bring you?

APUS is the smallest, fastest and simplest user system, an ecosystem of critical system apps developed by APUS Group. Our mission is to provide an outstanding mobile user experience for users around the world. We can help you boost your phone speed, upgrade your device’s look, intelligently categorize your apps into smart folders, find out popular apps around you and many more.

Can I use APUS System in my device?

APUS System is available in any Android Smartphone &Tablet whose OS version is 4.0.3 or above.

Do I have to pay for APUS System?

APUS System is completely free to download either on Google Play Store or Launcher page of our official website. If somehow you are asked to make any purchase, please report to our email immediately.

Is APUS System safe?

APUS values your privacy. APUS guarantees that your personal information and device are completely safe. Please check our privacy policy for further details. If a third party app misleadingly identifies an APUS product as a virus, please notify us at

Can’t download APUS System?

First please make sure your device is running Android 4.0.3 or above.
If you have problems during downloading, you can clear the data of some social apps.

How to become APUS tester?

Join our google+ beta testing community, get the earliest access to APUS System’s brand new features.
APUS System & APUS Launcher Beta Testing Community:

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Home screen

Can I change the effect of the transition of the screen?

Press and hold on the blank area > APUS Setting > Screen Transition Effect, then you can choose the transition style you like.

How can I add or remove widget on my home screen?

To add widgets:
1. Press and hold on the blank area of your home screen for 3 seconds
2. Tap ”Add Widget”
3. For system widget, just tap the left icon “Sys Widgets” at the bottom.
To remove widgets:
1. Tap the widget for long;
2. Drag it to the top of the screen to “Remove”.

What’s APUS Know? How to use? What can I get from it?

Just like a wind chime, APUS Know on home screen reminds you of important calendar events and trending news.
Simply drag the wind-chime downwards to update the contents. Beyond an Android Launcher or App Launcher, APUS System will bring you more information.

What’s Free Swipe? Can I disable it?

Swipe-open Free Swipe to quickly access a menu of recently-used apps & your device’s system settings. If you don’t like it, you can just disable it.

What exactly is the Headlines?

Search the web and read popular news by just swiping right on the home screen.

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Smart folder & find apps

What’s smart folder?—Categorization

Smart folder will automatically sort your apps on the home screen by category. You can also edit the folders according to your liking.

What can I do with the smart folder?

You can create, remove, modify, sort and also rename the smart folder. When finding apps, you can also swipe across folders.

Can I customize the existing folder? How to create a new one?

Long press an icon for 3 seconds, drag it over to another icon to create a new folder.

How could I rename a smart folder?

Open the folder you wish to rename > tap on the folder’s name > rename.

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How to change to the default wallpaper?

Go to APUS Wallpaper > tap the icon on the top right corner > choose your previous wallpapers. We release a large number of HD wallpapers every week.

How could I upload pictures to APUS Wallpaper?

Email your pictures to, we will review them.

Can I share my theme and wallpaper to my friends?

Yes, you can simply open the theme or wallpaper, and then share to your beloved friends through any social media.

How do I set wallpaper & theme?

1. Tap on wallpaper / theme icon,select preferred wallpaper/theme
2. Long press on home screen’s blank area,APUS Menu pops up,Tap on wallpaper/theme to set them up.
We have released thousands of HD themes for Android users, and continues to release new themes and wallpapers every week. Please check it always and get the latest one to customize and personlize your phone.

How to open gallery pictures in APUS wallpaper?

Select wallpaper tab, tap on human icon on top right corner, select gallery

How to set live wallpaper?

Tap on the human icon on top right, select live wallpapers.

What’s the linked wallpaper? How to use it?

You can change your friends/partners wallpaper by changing on your own device. Once partner accepts your request, his/hers will automatically change too.
Steps for using linked wallpaper:
1. Select a wallpaper
2. Press “set for us”
3. Log-in your fb/Google+ account
4. Search the one you like to share the wallpaper with
5. After connected successfully, you can share the same wallpaper

How can I download APUS Themes for Android?

You can download APUS themes in Google Play Store or in APUS Theme Store.

If my wallpaper is blurred, what do I do?

Long press on the blank part of the home screen > APUS Setting > Appearance > Deactivate Wallpaper Blur

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Boost & Apus Search

What Boost can do for you?

Clean and boost RAM, speed up your phone with one simple tap. Use Booster+ for deeper cleaning and faster device.

When should I boost my android device?

You can boost your device when you think it’s necessary or when the icon of “boost” turns red.

When it will auto-boost?

1. Automatically boosts device 30s after screen is locked, save battery;
2. Boosts device once after unlocking screen, releasing unnecessary RAM, increase device’s performance.

What’s Apus Search exactly?

Type anything in search bar, or swipe up in home-screen to instantly find apps on your phone and tablets, search the web, and enjoy free fun games and apps.

Can I search local documents? Files? Apps? Music? Images? Contacts?

Simply type in the search bar, APUS System will also help you find local apps, picture, music, and etc.

How can I change the search engine?

Click the icon of the search engine on the top left corner, then you can change to the engine you prefer.

Can my android device use APUS Booster+?

Well, APUS Booster+ is compatible with android device which is Android 4.1 or above.

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Message Center & Discovery

What’s APUS Discovery?

Discover popular and interesting apps nearby at any time. Save time by finding new trending apps people are using around you.

What does Message Center do for you?

Within Message Center, you can have a quicker access to all your messages, of course free from spam messages.

How can I install Message Center?

Your Android needs to be above 4.3 and notification access is required.

Why aren’t there any numbers on the icon for some app? (Like Facebook, WhatsApp)?

Please check your APUS Message Setting, enable the badge for the unread messages on APUS System.

Can I deal with a bunch of messages at the same time?

Yes, with APUS Message, you can easily check all the unread messages in one screen.

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Trouble shooting

APUS System makes my devices become even slower.

APUS System is designed to speed up your phone. Please make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of APUS System to ensure your device is running optimally.

APUS System is draining my battery.

One of APUS System’s main features is its Battery Saver feature, which helps with minimizing your device’s battery usage. You can also download "APUS Booster+" to further save your battery power.

I can’t switch to another launcher, what do I do?

You can enter "system configuration" => "application". In the app list you will find APUS. Press the icon and then press “clear default”. Next time you press the menu button, you can re-select another default User System.

My Weather Widget has problem updating the weather.

Please update your APUS System to the newest version, we’ve optimized the weather widget in recent version.

Where can I found my downloaded wallpaper &theme?

Go to APUS Wallpaper, then you’ll see the “” on top right. Click on it and you will see the wallpaper& theme already downloaded.

Why APUS Booster+ needs so much accessibility?

In order to thoroughly stop the unnecessary background app processes to boost memory and device speed, APUS Booster+ needs full access to your device. APUS Booster+ NEVER collects any personal information and does not harm your phone.

I can’t uninstall APUS System, how can I do?

If you can’t uninstall APUS System, you may go to "Settings" page on your phone, find "Security" option, then navigate to "Device administration" >> "Device administrators". Then uncheck "APUS".

Why my lollipop can’t use Booster+?

For Android 5.1, we’ve fixed Booster+ in this version. You can just try again APUS Booster+.

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