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Meet APUS at MWC

APUS, the platform for the next three billion


APUS stands for 'A Perfect User System'. It is pioneering a new approach to how we use our smartphones.

In June 2014, led by CEO and founder, Mr. Tao Li, APUS was founded. It is aiming to deliver an enhanced, simpler, best experience for Android users across the world. APUS System is the gateway for users connecting to the internet. It innovatively solved pain points for new smartphone users especially from the emerging market outside China. Coupled with its successful market strategy, APUS products have quickly acquired 1 million users after launching to the market. By now, more than 1 billion users are using the suit of APUS products, with 450 million monthly active users from over 200 countries. This makes APUS one of the most successful Chinese internet companies that go global.

Today, APUS has more than 200 employees and is valued at US$ 1.5 billion. Thanks to innovative thinking and the latest technology APUS uses various techniques to improve user experience and create a feature-rich user system. The APUS System empowers users to customize how they use and experience their smartphone, at the same time making sure that the performance of their phone is optimized. The massive user base helped it rapidly build up APUS ecosystem platform, which integrate with social, news information, e-Commerce and services.

Besides developing the APUS System to provide users around the world with the best possible user experience, the future of APUS strategy is aimed at tightly integrated our partners in our expanding ecosystem, to create values for users and help them access a whole range of internet services at a minimized cost. This is in alignment with APUS’ mission: to build a platform for the next 3 billion smartphone users.

For our business partners, we also help to bring values through partnership by integrating their services to APUS ecosystem platform, to help our clients to reach their business goal and generate mutual benefits for each other.

To support our continuing growth, APUS is heavily investing in AI, machine learning and ‘big data’ to deepen the understand how people are using APUS in order to better target which services and products they will need in the future.

We’re excited to be showcasing APUS at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and are looking forward to seeing you at our booth, located in App Planet (Hall 8.1), booth H61.

Based in Beijing, China, APUS Group is a Tech Unicorn company in Asia with the market valuation of $1.5 billion. It was selected the most promising company by Ernst & Young mainland China in 2016.

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